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Every small creature at MahaPark has a story to tell! and we draw our inspiration from them

Our Inspiration

Inspiration comes from work of great people and at MahaPark we derive our energy from many great scientists and nature conservationists and we have our own heroes.
We are about educating people and as such our prime natural inspiration is the man who brought Science and Nature to homes of millions through Television! He is Sir David Attenborough


 "We moved from being a part of nature to being apart from nature."

-David Attenborough.

Image by Daniil Silantev
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Spend a day at our WESTERN GHATS BIO DIVERSITY CONSERVATION CENTRE and the official Asia site of Backyard Biodiversity, global nature conservation project. 

This not just some eco farm but a Biodiversity Conservation Project. Here you will not be a tourist but an activist on a mission to save the planet!

MahaPark is the only certified place to do tour based workshops for visitors and issue a

Certificate in Unban Biodiversity Conservation to all its visitors.

What to see and do at NaturePark?

Visit and work at Biodiversity Conservation Project.
Take a Nature Trail and Hill Trek
Visit our Pond Ecosystem,

Visit Bees and Butterflies Conservation project
Mahrashtra government Dam Project at work
Visit Tribal Villagers home, connect with soil
Visit our Cowshed and feed and Pet animals
Join our Wilderness Night Camp!


River Side


MahaPark Biodiversity Nature Camp is proudly developed for citizens by 

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Infrastructure& USP

  • Over 10 acres of site and conservation project spread over 100 acres of forest land

  • Surrounded by Sahayadri Mountain range 

  • River and Dam project at backyard

  • Tribal village next to us

  • Pond Ecosystem, Cow shed, Native Trees 

  • Biodiversity Conservation Project

  • Nature, Hill and Mountain Trek all at site

Nature is for us to befriend, meet and greet!

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