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Bio Diversity Conservation Camp for School Students:

'Be a Urban Bio-Diversity Conervationist'


The devastation of Nature today is a result of inaction of earlier generation, we are slowly becoming responsible but are we educating the generation next, our young learners about the importance of Bio Diversity Conservation? To address this, we started a special program for students from class 3 to 12 in Bio Diversity Conservation.


Biodiversity Conservation Camp at MahaPark is a well researched EVS field trip based camp for students based on the curriculum.
It is the first project partnered and supported by Backyard Biodiversity a project mentored at World Economic Forum and UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. Project is part of Western Ghats Biodiversity Conservation Project. We have trained educators and native guides to execute the programme. Our park spread over 10+acres of in-situ and 100 acres of ex situ projects. 


Discover and Learn through Hands on Activities and working at actual Project: 


# Visit the Largest Biodiversity Conservation Education and actionable Eco tourism Project in India at MahaPark, Khopoli

# Know about Bio Diversity Conservation and how villagers are involved
# Nature Trail at Sahayadri Forest range at our site
# Tour of our Nature Park and Conservation project spread across 100+ acres
# Visit the under construction Jambrung Dam Project near us and know how dams are built
# Know about the use and purpose of various Native Trees at MSNP
# Visit Sanjeevani Udyaan our Botanical Biom Garden and know about over 100 valuable Spice and Medicinal plants
#Visit our Pond Ecology Restoration project (PERP)
# Sahayadri Forest Nature trail (3 routes)
# Visit to Tribal villagers home near us.
# Cow shed, petting animals
# Conservation Project spread across 100+ acres of forest land
# Know about River ecosystem, flow and how it helps village sustain
# Bugs Motel and Insects Conservation Project
# Frogs breeding, habitat and conservation
# Snakes hide (home) and incubation info
# Sustainable village/farming model study


Hands on Activities and Work at ongoing conservation Projecst: 

# Make model Frog homes, Bird feeders, Bees and Butterflies feeder, Seeds Banking (Collect wild tree seeds), Model village project making, Stone Art and Over 10 Hands on Activities to choose. (any 2 activities due to time constraints)

Earn official certificate and title 'Young Urban Biodiversity Consrvationist' from MahaPark-Backyard Biodiversity


Inclusions: Camp Fee, Jr Astronaut Space Camp Graduation Certificate Break fast (Poha, BBJ and Tea Coffee for students/teachers)

Lunch ( Puri with Chole or Potato Masala/Gravy dish, Dalfry and Jeera Rice OR Fried Rice Or Noodles, Vegitable salad, pickle, fryums, 1 pc of Gulab Jamun.

Fees: INR 850/-


To know more and schedule a Camp for your students contact 

Chief Officer, 

Bio Diversity Conservation Project, MahaPark

M/W: 9819519488


Bio Diversity Conservation & Nature Camp

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