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Nothing inspires more than the Starry Sky!

Stargzing and Astronomy is the oldest know field of Science and the curiosity to know whats up there, has been one of the major reasons for our evolution and growth. We are in SPACE AGE, but do your students even know the basics of Astronomy, Celestial Sky and how things work? 

Need not worry we are here!

Welcome to 'AkaashGanga' flagship Stargazing and Sky Observations project of Bharat Astrospace. 

"AkaashGanga is an overnight Stargazing camp that not only shows you planets and stars but educates on the how universe works! Join us for this memorable and inspiring camp.


Camp Features: 

  • Stargazing with different types of Professional advanced Telescopes
  • Naked Eye Astronomy. Learn to spot Nort star, other bright stars, planets and constellations without any telescopes
  • FREE Astronomy Apps and guide on how to use them
  • See the wonders of universe, Planets, Galaxies, Nebula, Double Stars clusters and Moon (depending up on when is the camp and weather)
  • Know the mythology around constellations
  • Know the physics behind universal magic
  • Astronomy and Space Exploration AV
  • Learn Basics of Astronomy and Space Science
  • Demo of Solid Motor Model Rocket launch 
  • Enjoy Campfire, Informal Space Talk, Food and Hot Choclate!


Inclusions: Camp Fee, Evening Snack (Tea and Sandwich or Bhel or Vadapaav)

Dinner ( Chapati and 1 Veg dish, Dalfry and Jeera Rice OR Fried Rice Or Noodles, Vegitable salad, pickle, fryums, 1 pc of Gulab Jamun.

Morning Breakfast of Misal Paav or Poha and Tea

Timing: Arrival at 6pm and departure next morning at 9am

With Tent Camping (Three in one Tent): INR 1500

With Resort Rooms stay (4 or 5 in a Room): INR 1850



AkashGanga Office, MahaPark

M: 9819519488



Stargazing& Astronomy Discovery Camp

₹2,000.00 Regular Price
₹1,500.00Sale Price
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