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MahaPark Science and Nature Day Camp is the best weekend and holiday picnic option for families and friends groups. We have visitors coming from Mumbai, Pune, Nasik and also national tourists who are on Mumbai Tour.


Day Camp inclusions: 

Day camp is available only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.


Park opens at 9am for Day Plan visitors and Space Camp Participants.

You may register online or at park for the day plan. (We intake up to 100 visitors only for Day Tour Plan)

Fees is payable for age 5yrs and above



Entry fee, Bio Diversity Park and Space Camp entry, activities and meals. Breakfast: Misal Paav and Tea

Buffet Lunch: Chappatis or Puris, 1 Veg Dish, 1 Paneer Dish, Dal fry& Fried Rice, Veg Salad, Papad, Pickles etc.

Evening Tea at departure


Day Activities for the MahaPark visitors:

  • Have Breakfast between 9am-10am (breakfast is open till 10.30am for late arrivals)
  • Assemble for Introduction session at 10am

Part ONE:

Be with the Nature 10am to 1pm

  • We start with Tour and Activities of Western Ghats Bio Diversity Park, inside MahaPark.
  • Meet our UNSDG trained Nature Activists and volunteers and follow their instructions for a great experiential learning in Bio Diversity and Conservation.


Tour and Activities:

>> Guided Tour of the Park, Information about native ecology, Plants and Trees, and our Project

>> Pond Ecology Conservation model and Project Information

>> Frog breeding pond, how we conserve frogs and relocate to ponds and lakes

>> Learn how Snakes and reptiles egg hatching/Incubation is done.

>> How Natural Frog, Honey bees, Butterflies habitat is maintained

>> River Ecosystem, how it flows

>> Concept of Home farming, how you can grow basic plants at home and benefit. Do a plantation yourself

>> Visit Tribal Villagers Home

>> Design a Nature poster/campaign for MahaPark and get a certificate for students (online submission)

>> R7 of Environment Protection and SDGs

>> Signup as supporter activist of MahaPark- United Nations SDGs Project and get a Certificate on spot


Hands on Activities 

>> Make compost fertilizer

>> Learn to make Bird Feeder/Bird House and take it as a souvenir (you will need a pet bottle for bird feeder)

>> Learn to make Seed bombs

>> Learn to create Frog Pond and habitat for native frogs and make one around your school/home

>> Make Bug Motel

>> Make Bees and Butterflies water feeder

>> Signup as Ambassador/supporter activist of MSNP- United Nations SDGs Project and get a Certificate on spot

 *All Student Participants among visitor will get a Western Ghats Bio Diversity Park Conservation Activist Certificate


We take a rest and lunch break of 1hr


Part TWO:

For Science. 2pm to 4pm

  • We start our Space Exploration Tour and Activities at
  • Meet our Space Educators and volunteers trained by Ex-ISRO Scientists and NASA STEAM Educators and follow their instructions for a great experiential learning in Space

Tour and Activities:

Interactive Sessions, AV on..

  • Rockets & Satellite 
  • See Samples of Rocks& Minerals 
  • Space Documentary of 20mins (Big bang, Rocket Launch, Mission Moon/Mars)
  • Telescope lessons, Sun/Moon spotting if visible
  • Information kiosk and store (Space Science courses, workshops, Space Camp info)


Free Hands on Science Activities for Students:

1) Rocketry workshop: Make your own ISRO Model Rocket and launch high in sky using our Air Rocket Launcher

2) Astronomy Workshop: Paint a Galaxy, Sunspots vieweing throgh Telescope


Add On Activities

1) Mars Rover Mission: Remotely drive a Rover and complete the mission. You are given one Mars Rover that works on battery and a Mars mission. You have to remotely control the rover and drive it from Laboratory to Astronaut Mars home on our special Mars Zone. Overcome challenges, solve space mission puzzle and complete your Mars Mission! Fees INR 100 only.

2) Astronaut Costume and Theme Photo/selfie. Optional extra at nominal fee of INR 100 

Science and Nature Day Camp

₹2,000.00 Regular Price
₹1,500.00Sale Price
  • Get Free Certificate Courses on Biodiversity Conservation and Eco Tourism and Discount vouchure of INR 100 per pass on Online Courses from IGA and one Discount vouchure of INR 200 for Night Camp (Stargazing) with every entry pass

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